Repair and Restore Therapy

What is this tool? MSC Exosomes Repair Microproteins

Exosome Treatments and a scientific diagram of the exosome cell

MSC Exosomes are Repair Microproteins derived from placental mesenchymal stem cells (otherwise known as ‘medicinal stimulating cells’, or MSCs). MSCs have the ability to ‘wake up’ your own dormant stem cells to activate healing, offering a repair treatment unlike anything else. These Repair Microproteins offer a cutting edge treatment, making them helpful for all types of situations, including complex health issues.

Benefits of MSC Exosomes Treatment

MSC Exosome treatment, also known as Repair Microproteins, commonly yield these results:

  • Tissue repair and regeneration
  • Powerful immune modulator

Common Results:

  • Less Aches and pains
  • More Healing ability
  • More Stamina
  • Sharper vision
  • Better Mental clarity
  • Better sleep
  • Fewer cravings
  • Overall sense of well being

What is the MSC Exosomes treatment process?

  • Discovery Call with client advocate to answer your questions, see if this approach is right for you, and get you started.
  • Health consultation with the Doctor to discuss your terrain and craft a personalized therapy plan.
  • Receiving treatment is an in-office experience at our downtown Spokane, WA location. *pre-arranged house calls may be considered.
  • Post therapy follow-up is required one month following treatment.

All Therapies require medical approval and may include laboratory or imaging evaluation.

What to expect after receiving Repair Microproteins?

In the first 24 hours, clients often report a giddy or woozy feeling (described as pleasant).
The first 4-6 weeks is the active phase of immune cellular turnover – a cellular detoxification and rebalancing phase.
At 6 weeks and beyond, the resident stem cells within the body have been activated. During this time a steady regeneration of the specialized tissues in the body begins (i.e., heart, nerves, cartilage, bones, etc.), and people experience this in unique ways.

How are MSC Exosomes administered?

Receiving the therapy takes a few minutes, and feels similar to a simple blood draw. It’s quick, easy and painless. Because the exosomes are so small, they can cross into tissue anywhere in the body once they’re introduced into the bloodstream. For added emphasis on the nervous system, the doctor may suggest that a small portion of the vial be given like a nasal spray.

How often would I need treatment with
MSC Exosome Repair Microproteins?

The effects of therapy are potent even with one use, and clients may choose a series of treatments to attain their desired health goals.

The maximum recommendation would be 15 billion MSC Exosomes, administered every 3 months. This pace is the maximum push for the biologic system. (Note: maximum rate is not always clinically appropriate.) The purpose of your consultation with Dr. Stevens is to determine the plan that best works for you. We reserve the right to begin treatment with a lower dose, 5 billion microproteins, especially with complex and chronic long standing systemic health issues. Restoration is a process, and begins with harmonizing the communication within your biologic systems.

Long term maintenance is suggested with an annual treatment.

Are Repair Microproteins safe to use for treatment?

This product contains no foreign cells or DNA, minimizing risk for adverse immune reactions. The laboratory we order from performs safety testing on all products. The single source is known to be pathogen-free, plus the lots are tested for any cross-contamination. A printed third party report comes with every vial, and we will share your vial’s third party report when you receive your therapy.

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Treatments with MSC Exosomes, in a personalized approach, offers our clients an achievable plan to optimize health outcomes because Life is for Living.