microcurrent frequencies targeted to support tissues

Do you struggle with persistent or chronic tensions in your terrain? Want to try something beyond a pill? Have you ever wondered if you could encourage your tissues to heal more efficiently?

Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM) could be a wellness tool for you. FSM is an FDA-approved method of treating pain using a low-level electrical current. The breakthrough of the iCare app with the Restore pad, uses sound to convert into low level electrical current, delivering a non toxic and relieving practice for tissue health, from your cell phone!  The electrical current employed in FSM is both very low and very precise, and most people report they can’t even feel it. My inner 10yo loves to think back to Star Trek and the electrical scanner Dr Beverly used. Now, This device does not scan, and it's even a little boring, as a 4”x11” leather rectangular pouch. However, it can deliver a gentle and relieving touch, balancing the tensions in the system.  And when we are in the midst of an acute health crisis, like a flu that humbles us, having one more tissue supporting tool can give us an advantage in our journey when it matters most.

iCare Introduction

What the iCare Is & Does:

  • A PEMF platform for frequency therapy
  • Generates multiple frequencies up to 20k Hz
  • Fully customizable for your client’s needs
  • Falls under the FDA Wellness Category

What the iCare is Not:

  • Not a Medical Device
  • Not a Microcurrent Machine
  • Not billable to insurance
  • Not an FDA Class 2 Medical device

iCare is also Not an over-the-counter product. (Clients must obtain an iCare through a practitioner with therapeutic frequency training)

iCare is so much more

It gives you the ability to push protocols to clients, in real time, remotely, in the middle of the night … Up to four frequencies per channel (comes in handy with 124’s), run unlimited numbers of programs in succession (they’re called Groups, fantastic for overnight sessions), design & store unlimited protocols, push Folders and Groups to clients, and share protocols with most professional grade Microcurrent devices. Back and forth; forth and back.

What is iCare and what can it do for me?

iCare is a mobile platform for delivering specific frequency protocols via PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) to clients who want to get well as quickly as possible. With the immediate connectivity of our smart phones, practitioners can easily and instantaneously push updated protocols to clients as they improve and as their needs change.

Good things come in small packages

There are two parts: The iCare-pad is a PEMF device that connects to your phone via the iCare app to deliver frequencies wirelessly instead of the traditional sticky pad or wet towel approach. It is not a microcurrent device directly, but the iCare app allows your phone to take the place of a microcurrent device and the iCare-Pad acts as a magnetic converter to deliver frequencies by being placed on or near your body.
The iCare system is a lower cost way to deliver frequencies at home, and it is superior to the traditional devices in so far as its ease of use, and the ability to push updated protocols to devices in moments without the need to connect it to a computer or other device. The iCare can be a nice complement to traditional FSM devices as well, and the ease of use and lack of wires means that people end up sleeping with their iCares, and running protocols for longer periods at night, and/or whenever they need support. This helps them get back on track quickly, and is a great complement to in office visits.

More about the frequency protocols

All frequencies are transmitted through our tissues, and are dependent on hydration status. For optimal results consider hydrating with plenty of clean filtered water and adding electrolyte support daily.

Restore protocols that are included with every purchase, and additional protocols may be shared by our team addressing a specific topic of support, or when manufacturer updates are available.

  • Adrenal Support – lifting up stress handling organs, helps with fatigue, burn out and negative effects of chronic stress
  • Anxiety – helps to calm and overactive nervous system and encourage self regulation
  • Brain Fog – increases circulation throughout brain space, and calms neuro inflammation
  • Bronchitis – support to the respiratory tract and immune function specific to the bronchials
  • Cold – Throat – inclusive immune protocol to include support with an upper respiratory system, and with pain support for the throat and vocals
  • Cold – Sinus – immune protocol to target support to the sinus cavities, both for acute colds and chronic sinus infections
  • Constipation – motor and tone balancing to support the elimination of the digestive tract.
  • Depression – protocol to support a gentle hug to all areas of our brain, to balance and release tensions.
  • Dysmenorrhea – helpful with female cycle pains, and helps to balance and restore the entire female hormone system.
  • External Joint Sprain Acute – effective for ankle sprains, or any other external joint- includes ligament/tendon and muscle sprain support. Use in combination with other first aid measures- ice, wrap/sling, imaging if needed, etc.
  • Facet Joint Chronic – for chronic spinal joint issue- a powerhouse protocol for a longstanding neck or back issue.
  • Flu Respiratory Organs – to support your lungs and sinuses during seasonal flu.
  • General Inflammation – a broad acting series which hits on every major organ system to balance an overactive or chronic inflammatory response.
  • Immune Support – a gentle hug for one of your most essential health systems, when you need it the most.
  • ligament Injury – targeting torn and stretched ligaments, muscle and tendons, to help tissues recover.
  • Low Back Pain – useful protocol to address muscles, discs, joints and nerves, offering lumbar spine relief and recovery.
  • Neck Pain – broad protocol to address muscles, discs, joints and nerves, offering cervical spine relief and recovery.
  • Nerve Pain – series of frequencies specifically targeting nerve pains and nervous system irritation.
  • PTSD – useful to help release and process past traumas that may be still causing dysregulation in your present nervous system.
  • Skin Allergy Reaction – useful to calm redness, hives and itching- not meant to replace medical intervention.
  • Sleep – series of frequencies to help get the most wellness out of the sleep process, enhancing our bodies natural biorhythms.
  • Spinal Disc Chronic – a useful protocol for an old back or neck injury, where the pain is originating from the disc tissues. Useful to use longterm to repair past injuries
  • Sunburn – great for use when you have overdone it in the sun, keeps the pain down and helps the healing process of burns from sun.
  • Workout Post Recovery – wonderful for the weekend warrior, or when you know tomorrow just may hurt a lot.

Frequencies are gentle, safe and an easy way to support you and your loved ones health. It’s nice to support the body to heal in ways that are beyond diet and exercise.

“We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” ~ Albert Einstein

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