Learn more about our Repair Microproteins, also known as Exosome therapy, by delving into details about the actions and abilities of MSC Exosomes, and how these new breakthroughs are helping clients now.

Watch the video, we introduce how Dr’s Stevens found Exosome therapy, and what Repair Exosome therapy offers, then learn how to take advantage of these therapies below.

Terrain Therapy with Exosomes, How we got here video intro by dr julia stevens.

Here is the process for inquiring and accessing
Terrain Therapy’s Tools.

Step One – Discovery Call

We invite you to a complimentary introduction to our services. The Discovery Call is a time to share a little about your personal health goals as well as get your questions answered about Repair Microproteins and Exosome therapy. We can also relay information about any current product shortages and give up-to-date availability.

Step Two – Coordination of Repair Therapy

Taking into account your personal terrain, and being mindful of state laws, we customize an approach using advanced tools for healing. Repair Microproteins are ordered from a specialty FDA-inspected laboratory, and require specialized shipping and handling. A customized plan for receiving Repair Microproteins will be discussed.

Step Three – Optimizing the Terrain

Dr Stevens holds regular virtual educational classes and offers access to office hours for questions and support.  We work with you to maximize the effect of this biological breakthrough in your everyday life.

Step Four – Stay Connected

We strive to support your entire body and to optimize your health naturally. The treatment phase may be a single Exosome administration, or a series, depending on health goals. Feedback is always encouraged after receiving the Repair Exosome therapy proteins.  Stay in touch, as we continue to develop our offerings and share the wonderful stories that come from our clients. 

Our mission is to promote access to breakthrough tools, while teaching clients to guard their own best health. 

Have you already experienced Repair Microproteins? Would you like to share with others? Please share your experience here.

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