What is the Terrain Therapy process?

Want to talk? We offer a Discovery Call with client advocate to answer your questions, as we share the specifics about our wellness ministry and what membership looks like.

Want to learn more? You can explore our well ness tool hoe kits options- Optimizing micro proteins are used as a deep acting fertilizer to boost the vitality of the vessels. And then Restore frequency pad is a tool to have daily or more regular applications of health promoting frequencies to encourage tissues to heal and recover, repair and optimize.

Join us for a virtual health forum to discuss terrain therapy’s tools and discuss rotating relevant health topics with an emphasis on empowering the person to take the best care of their own vessel.

Asynchronous case reviews are available, offered to members, who would like a personalized therapy suggestion – offering a distinct starting point to encourage self healing of their personal vessel.

As a ministry we share tools, knowledge, we come together to discuss, share and hold space for humaning. We are able to share leading edge wellness tools, and these are all designed to be shared as home delivery products.

As people begin to use these wellness tools with specific personal goals in mind, sharing of progress is encouraged privately through our feedback link and in our weekly virtual meeting.

This is NOT to replace the role of a physician or constitute as a medical intervention- these are wellness tools and health promoting strategies shared under a common belief that the body has been created to self-heal. We support each other in being the most vital humans we are able to be, sharing tools, strategies and encouragement while we all embrace a sacred healing journey with our Creator.