Dr. Stevens's Introduction

In 2017, our family was seeking adventure and took an opportunity to travel for a school year. Dr’s Stevens pioneered telemedicine and enjoyed being digital nomads. What we did not know is we were about to learn a new word, ‘Exosomes’. Our family’s health was full and vital, except for my husband, Dr. Jeremiah Stevens. He had nagging low back pain for over a decade, and it had begun to grow much worse and was now coupled with neck pain that made clear thought difficult. In 2018, upon our return to the states from Costa Rica, we discovered an 8-inch fatty tumor that had been growing in his spine since birth. We were told it would be four months until we were able to see a specialist. Dr. Stevens’ body had a different timeline. He began to rapidly destabilize. He had intense headaches and we suspected an internal spinal fluid leak. Numbness and head pain were taking over. In other words, we needed Emergency care.

The beginning of Dr. Stevens Story.

On our second trip to the ER, Dr. Stevens was admitted to the hospital with emergency surgery coming the next day. This was a scary and stressful time. There were numerous complications. After surgery, Dr. Stevens was left partially paralyzed. He spent three weeks inpatient but was able to move. He had to relearn how to ​walk, and we learned he would not require a wheelchair. Our family was so thankful to still have him with us, however, even though he was with us, everything had changed.

Over the course of his recovery and repair process, we did everything we knew to do. I had slipped him vegetable juice during critical care and added specific nutrients and herbs to support strength and healing during hospital rehabilitation. Over the following months, Dr. Stevens routine included, intermittent fasting, specialized ways of eating, detox approaches, hot/cold therapies, acupuncture, chiropractic, electrical and sound therapies. We stayed prayerful and hopeful for a full recovery.

The introduction of MSC Exosomes

In 2019, I attended a new clinic opening to support a dear friend. This is the first time I had been out socially since the recovery of Jeremiah’s spinal cord tumor, and I was going alone. That night, I was introduced to Microproteins​ and given the name of the only FDA approved laboratory that provided them. Up until this point, the idea of stem cell therapy required long travel (with risk of injury) and it may not even work. These mighty little repair proteins were a light at the end of a long tunnel. There has been a medical discovery using microproteins to activate our inborn stem cells. I was delighted to learn the therapy was simple and easy to receive. This was the last thing we hadn’t tried. Jeremiah had to have this.

Within 24 hours of receiving exosomes, Dr. Stevens felt like a new man! A year and a half later, he is still going in the right direction. The spinal cord specialist didn’t expect any significant improvement past the 6-month mark. Miraculously, I have my husband back. My kids have their dad back. It’s a joy to watch my husband have a real conversation, with his true personality and sharp mind. Parts of his body continue to “wake up”. The body is truly a self healing miracle.

Bringing forth Terrain Therapy as a ministry

As I’ve experienced navigating my own health journey, alongside witnessing my husbands, I am regularly reminded that our healthcare system can miss the mark. While our personal desires are for certain health outcomes, our focus when we engage with health care practitioners tends to be limited to the specific disease or problem- these are simply different dimensions of perspective. Potentially this is a hindrance to achieving an abundance of vitality and well-being in our bodies. Human beings are created with an inborn ability to heal, whether that’s seen as an act of holy intervention, or a collection of circumstances that accumulated to a spectacular effect. The mission of this ministry is to support humans in their quest to heal, so that people can live their lives to the fullest. Our offerings are not intended to replace your doctor. We are gathering a village of people who are well equipped to be experts in their own body’s. With access to tools and support, to take on their own personal healing projects, so that they themselves and their loved ones are able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The introduction of Microproteins and FSM wellness pad brought purpose to a difficult chapter in our lives. I was so ​grief stricken by my husband’s injury and weary of hearing, ” There’s nothing more we can do for you.” I followed my training and the framework for healing and restoring his body. Using leading edge tools, alongside what the mainstream doctors were recommending, blew me away. (Click here to read more testimonials ). Our bodies know how to heal. Let’s look at our bodies as Terrains, with complexity and layers that interplay with each other. Life is precious. I propose we live, really live. With a humbled mind and a grateful heart, I bring forward Terrain Therapy.

After Dr Stevens Exosome story celibrating with his wife and kids.